Artificial Cerumen (Not Stabilized) or Synthetic Earwax (BZ171)


Simulated Cerumen

Artificial Cerumen, also known as ear wax, is a waxy substance secreted in the ear canal that protects and lubricates the ear canal and assists in cleaning by trapping dirt and dead skin cells. Biochemazone™ offers artificial ear wax that can be used for testing hearing aids, earbuds, and other electronic devices meant to be used in the ears.

Shelf life:  one year, refrigerated
Pack Size:  50 g, 100 g, and 200 g

Color: Light yellow

Main Components: Oleic acid pure, linoleic acid pure, Lanolin, anhydrous, palmitic acid pure, Paraffin oils, myristic acid pure, etc.


1. Simulated Cerumen or Artificial Ear wax is a sterile solution and can be used directly.
2. Simulated Cerumen or Artificial Ear Wax, stored at 4 degrees, transported at room temperature.
3. This product is limited to the scientific research of professionals, and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, and cannot be used for food or medicine, and cannot be stored in ordinary houses.
4. For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.

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Artificial Cerumen

Other composition and customer’s specified configurations can be delivered upon request. Stabilizer, pH Value, Pack Size, and Contents of Simulated Fluid are customizable.
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Transportation and storage: Transportation at room temperature, storage at 4 ℃. For Longterm Storage Freeze it at -20 ℃
We provide shipping facilities worldwide.

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100 gram, 200 gram, 50 gram