About Biochemazone™

A Pioneer in Biochemical Reagents and Instrumentation

Biochemazone™ is an evolving biotech company providing high quality and purified artificial Biological chemicals, reagents, and solutions such as simulated saliva, simulated urine, simulated perspiration, etc. and developing various application-oriented products required by Academic research units, Universities, Hospitals,  Industries, government, and private laboratories.

Our Biochemical reagents are thoroughly tested to meet the research and development demand for excellent quality, uncompromising biological, which accurately mimics the real Biological solutions activity at competitive prices.

Biochemazone™ has established a sterling reputation among the scientific community, a reputation built on innovative products, customer service, and attention to detail. Our reputation for quality is an essential factor in achieving a favorable position in the market place and the benefits associated with manufacturing top-quality synthetic biological products such as Artificial Saliva, Artificial Urine, Artificial Sebum, Artificial Eccrine Perspiration, Artificial Sweat, Artificial Serum, Artificial Blood, Artificial Semen, and Artificial Cerumen and more…

Consumer products testing laboratories and manufacturers are invited to contact Biochemazone™ for artificial biofluids and biochemical reagents needs.