Artificial Intestinal Fluid (Sterile) pH6.8 Simulated Intestinal Fluid (SIF) -Sterile (BZ176)


Artificial intestinal fluid

Artificial intestinal fluid (sterile), also known as synthetic intestinal fluid, is a solution that simulates the components and pH of intestinal fluid. This reagent is sterilized by 0.2μm filtration. The artificial intestinal fluid is mainly composed of phosphate, trypsin, etc. The pH value is 6.8. After aseptic treatment, it can be used in capsules, enteric-coated tablets, pills, especially for enteric-coated capsule And other scientific research experiments.

Appearance Clear to hazy with stringy fibers, colorless, characteristic odor
pH at 25 °C 6.8 ± 0.1 pH at 25.0 °C

This artificial intestinal fluid is without enzymes such as Trypsin, Pancreatin, Ask for enzyme customization. We accept customization in some parameters, such as composition, pH, Viscosity, Enzymes, stabilizers, etc. 

1. Simulated Intestinal Fluid is a sterile solution and can be used directly.
2. Simulated Intestinal Fluid, stored at 4 degrees, transported at room temperature.
3. This product is limited to the scientific research of professionals, cannot be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, cannot be used for food or medicine, and cannot be stored in ordinary houses.
4. For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.

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Artificial Intestinal Fluid

1. The artificial intestinal fluid (sterile) is a sterile solution. If there are sterility requirements, pay attention to the aseptic operation.
2. Artificial intestinal fluid (sterile) to avoid repeated freezing and thawing, so as not to reduce efficiency.
3. For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.

Validity: Valid at 12 ℃ for 6 months. It can be stored for 12 months at 4 ℃.

Artificial Intestinal Fluid

Simulated Intestinal Fluid composition and customer’s specified configurations can be delivered upon request. Stabilizer, pH Value, Pack Size, and Contents of Simulated Fluid are customizable.
Contact us for Customization:
Transportation and storage: Transportation at room temperature, storage at 4 ℃. For Longterm Storage Freeze it at -20 ℃
We provide shipping facilities worldwide.

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